Moving dense slurries by pump is nothing new. Neither is using a pump to pick up sediments (settled solids).

What’s new is using a pump to pick up solids from rest , mixing them into a high density slurry and pumping them all in one operation. The DRAGFLOW agitator slurry pumps are specifically designed for this task.

The agitator is the key for picking up material from rest. The agitator is designed to handle fast settling, high specific gravity solids and viscous thixotropic mud. The agitator (see picture) is used to physically and hydraulically force material away from the pump’s suction. Doing this creates a "down pressure" stirring up material below the pump’s suction. The created pressure differential (suction of pump versus down pressure of agitator) will mix and homogenize the stirred up material. The mixed and homogenized slurry is than drawn back into the suction as a highly concentrated, uniform slurry.

Material too large to enter the pump’s suction (screen) is repelled and does not plug the suction screen.

With installations all over the world from sumps, mine tailings reclamation, dredging applications to mill scale pits, DRAGFLOW Pumps offer a highly efficient way of moving solids the world over.

let us "stir" you up...


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